Forth Phase

This started out as an experiment in how to improve the DSP efficiency of Kleiner-Kiffer / Fifth Dimension Phaser Factory. It tuned out to have quite a different sound and feel to the others, so I thought it was worth releasing in its own right.

There are four modes which can be selected:

  1. U-Vibe only outputs the phase-shifted signal. This is ideal for Uni-Vibe™ vibrato effects, especially when paired with a sine-wave LFO. It even has that authentic Uni-Vibe™ 'bump' in the cycle.
  2. Ph Low is a standard phaser circuit with 0% feedback.
  3. Ph Med is a standard phaser circuit with medium feedback, giving a brighter, more peaky sound.
  4. Ph High is a standard phaser circuit with high feedback, giving a strong 'vocal' quality to the output.

The centre frequency can be manually set and modulation can be provided from any external CV source with both positive and negative attenuation.