Kleiner-Kiffer Phaser

This is a very simple phaser inspired by the EHX Small Stone. I say "inspired by" because there's something magical about the original pedal that seemed to defy analysis by my mere mortal's brain. However, I think I managed to capture the basic spirit of its iconic, cosmic sound.

Operation is about as simple as can be:

Connect your mono audio source to the "Input" jack and take your phased sound from the "Output" jack.

The "Color" switch gives you a more subtle phasing effect on the "LO" setting, whilst "HI" delivers a more powerful, resonant effect. The "Off" setting bypasses the phasing effect completely and simply passes the input signal directly to the output. You can also bypass the effect by right-clicking on the front panel and selecting option "Bypass Module".

The "LFO Rate" knob sets the rate of the internal triangle-wave LFO. Freq range is 0.04 Hz (25 seconds per cycle) to 12 Hz.

The "Ext CV" jack allows you to override the internal LFO and control the centre freq of the phaser by any CV source - another LFO, sequencer, envelope generator, etc. Manual control of the centre freq can be achieved by patching in a DC Source (or DMT's own ACE Constants and Multipliers, available free-of-charge in the DMT Freebies Collection). While the "Ext CV" jack is connected, the "LFO Rate" knob is disabled.

And that's about all there is to it!