Stringer Seventy Six Paraphonic Construction Kit


Stringer Seventy Six is a set of modules which allow you to build sophisticated paraphonic instrument designs, such as string machines, combo organs, electric pianos, etc.

It contains:

Pink Flight Divide-Down Oscillator - a polyphonic oscillator with velocity sensitivity and individual ADSR envelopes for each voice channel.

Aqua-Marine Ensemble Generator - a tri-chorus ensemble generator, modelled on the Eminent Solina circuit. A preset version of the Solaris Ensemble.

Kleiner-Kiffer Phaser - a simple phaser, modelled on the sound of the EHX Small Stone.

Stringer Seventy Six was designed to be a low-cost introduction to polyphony within the Voltage Modular environment. You can build very rich and lush patches using only this bundle with the free-of-charge Voltage Modular Nucleus Edition and Dome Music Technologies Freebie Collection.

All the presets in the included preset pack were designed to be used with only free-of-charge modules.

Title of Song

  • O2P1
  • CosmicFifths
  • PPG-Bend
  • Aeromint
  • CosmicDreamWaves