LSSP 101


The Adroit Synthesis Large Scale Sequencing Project provides you with a comprehensive suite of modular tools for composing music.

The full LSSP XL bundle consists of over 50 modules and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by that many new modules especially given the unfamiliar nature of some of the technology involved.

So LSSP 101 is a carefully selected subset of LSSP that comes with a series of tutorials that introduce you step by step to concepts such as V/Bar, Time Splitting and S-Poly based chords and scales.

The tutorials include .voltagepreset files so with just a few clicks you can be examining practical examples of what LSSP 101 is capable of.

The 14 modules included in LSSP 101 are…

  • Song Control
  • Song Part
  • CV Sequencer
  • Rhythm Sequencer
  • Diatonic Triads
  • Progression
  • Chord Player
  • Pitch Adjuster
  • Blues Scale
  • Time Split 2
  • Time Split 4
  • Time Split Fills
  • Sample & Hold
  • Skin (new)

Detailed information about LSSP is available on the Adroit Synthesis Website, there is also an Adroit Synthesis forum page hosted by Cherry Audio.

An automated discount on LSSP XL will be offered if you have already purchased LSSP 101 or the Adroit Toolkit.

Note the demo sounds are recordings of Voltage Modular running LSSP tutorial patches in standalone mode with no DAW or human intervention involved.

Title of Song

  • Tutorial 4.mp3
  • Tutorial 5.mp3