M*4 BBD Bundle

Type: Bundle

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Manufacturer: M*4

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A set of BBD effector module.

Introduction video: https://youtu.be/bHNnRogPXkg

BBD4 + Panner4 ( https://youtu.be/kh-GvsNayUI )

*Introduction Presets are removed from the bundle. Those are in "M*4 Module Presets" product ( https://store.cherryaudio.com/presets/m4-module-presets ).


  • Bucket Brigade Delaylines 4: Four lines of bucket brigade delay effect in one module.
  • Panner 4: A companion module for BBD4. 4-channel mono to stereo panner with internal auto-pan effect.

Title of Song

  • M4-BBD4---demo01
  • M4-BBD4---demo02
  • M4-BBD4---demo03
  • BBD4-+-Panner4-demo