PACK | Cyclic Oscillations

Manufacturer: Umbrella Modular

$45.00 $51.00

Umbrella's "Cyclic Oscillations" bundle consists of 6 modules aimed at CV processing and cycling modulation. The bundle has 4 low frequency oscillators, also capable of audio rate, and two CV mixers for manging, twisting, and mixing CV to create all kinds of new modulation sources.

The LFO's in Umbrella's Cyclic Oscillations bundle are morphable low-frequency oscillator's, each with two waveforms and a third random shape. The LFO's are divided into four groups: smooth, sharp, spike and straight. Referring to the contours of the waveforms. Since it's a morphable LFO the shapes seamlessly blend into each other. While at position 0, 1 and 2 the shapes are plain. All LFO's have four output's. These outputs divide the main frequency by 1, 2, 3 and 4. Basically the LFO produces cv modulation at four different speeds. Next to that the LFO can be synced to a clock divider, making it possible to sync the duty-cycle of the waveform to a specific BPM or your DAW.

The MIX-Crossfader can be used to crossfade or mix 4 seperate input channels. Making it possible to add variation in CV modulation in four different ways. Additionally, the MIX-Processor can be used to scale individual (inverted) inputs, offset (change polarisation of) one input channel and/or output the summed or maximum value of all the input signals together. Making it possible to process CV in five different ways at the same time.

Lots of fun to explore modulations with this bundle!