MIX | Processor

The MIX | Processor is part of Umbrella's "Cyclic Oscillations" bundle which consists of 6 modules aimed at CV processing. The bundle has 4 low frequency oscillators and two cv-mixers.

The MIX-Processor can be used to scale individual (inverted) inputs, offset (change polarisation of) one input channel and/or output the summed or maximum value of all the input signals together. Making it possible to process CV in five different ways at the same time.

The controls and their functions:

In 1 and In 2: These are the two jacks for the separate input channels that can be processed.

Inv 1 and Inv 2: These jacks will invert the signal at input. When the In 1 and Inv 1 are connected both inputs will be mixed before scaling by the sliders.

Sliders: The sliders scale input 1+inverted input 1 (left slider) and input 2 and inverted 2 (right slider). When no jacks are connected the slider outputs -5v to 5v, that (when using the sum-output) scales the signal of the connected channel.

CV attenuator's: This knob controls the amount of CV passed through to the slider located above the attenuator knob, -100% to 100%.

CV 1 and CV 2 in: The CV-in's are the input jacks, to attenuate the sliders.

Out: This output passes the scaled input of channels 1 and 2 through.

SUM out: This output passes the scaled and summed-up value thru of signal: in1+inv1+in2+inv2 .

MAX out: This output passes the scaled and maximum value through comparing the signals (in1+inv1) and (in2+inv2).