Pitch Bundle

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This bundle includes all 4 Collider Modular pitch-centric modules. With this bundle you will be able to control and enhance your existing sequences, or create new sequences and melodies in new and expiremental ways.

Video manuals available for all modules (see below)!

Also now presets: https://github.com/collidermodular/presets/tree/main/Pitch%20Bundle

Included Modules

Zum - Pitch Summator

Create new, non-linear sequences that can be easily tweaked live. Mix it up with 'Rotate', then bring it back home again.

Septitone - Quantizer

Wrangle voltages into a scale that you control. Turn scale degrees on and off with performance buttons or trigger signals.

Clamp - Octave Clamper

Constrain pitch octave ranges to a controlled set. Easily increase or decrease allowed range with performance buttons or trigger signals.

Zadc - ADC

Create lots of trigger or latching signals at controllable intervals to adjust the settings of Zum, Septitone, and Clamp.


This set of modules was designed to work together, as gates from Zadc can trigger Zum channels or Septitone degrees, and the output of Zum pitch sums can be conformed with Clamp or snapped to musical ssales with Septitone. All modules are designed with live performance in mind and feature several controls that allow the sequence to be changed live, then return to a known state.

There is lots of room for expirementation here, and I hope you enjoy discovering new ways of making music.

Video Manuals