PM Master Controls

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PM Master Controls are destined for use with Adroit Synthesis' Tandem module.

That Tandem module can link one control (knob, slider or button) to another, even bidirectionally. Even different types can be linked to a pair.

All modules of PM Master Controls can be set by a voltage. Linked to Tandem modules, a master control can influence several "Slave" controls following a CV.

PM Master Controls include:

  • PM Master Button
  • PM Master Knob
  • PM Master Radio (a set of 2 to 12 toggle buttons, acting as radio buttons)
  • PM Master Slider and free PM Master Controls Preset Pack

These modules provide a set of three skins. The skin change on one module changes skin of all other modules of this bundle too.

The modules of PM Master Controls are also part of P.moon Ultimate Bundle.