P.moon Bar Meters Bundle

$15.00 $18.00

P.moon Bar Meters Bundle is a set of modules with two, four, eight and sixteen identical bar meter channels. Control panel on left side sets common parameters for all channels of a module.

Each channel offers:

  • Editable channel label
  • Digital displays for maximum, minimum, average (dc amount), momentary value
  • Display ranges 1, 5 and 10 volts
  • Linear and logarithmic scaling (Volt or dBV)
  • Bar display modes bipolar and absolute (unipolar)
  • Adjustable decay speed
  • Catching and display of maximum and minimum peaks
  • Peak reset manually or by CV trigger pulse
  • Mono input jack

8 Bar Meters and 16 Bar Meters have an additional poly input jack.

Modules come with three select able skins: Aluminum, Dark, PM Style.

All modules are also sold individually.

The modules are part of P.moon Ultimate Bundle

Last build: #1, 2024-03-28