P.moon Tool Set 2

Type: Bundle

Updated: Nov 06, 2019

Price: $10.00

Manufacturer: P.moon

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This bundle contains some helpful modules.

  • Check CV checks a control voltage to match different conditions (<0, =0, >0, >1.0, >2.5, >5.0 volts).
  • Keyb to Gate transforms an analogue KEYB IN voltage (0 to +10 V) to a logical signal (0 or 5 V) at one of twelve output jacks.
  • Limits clips any signal voltage at adjustable different upper and lower limit.
  • Transform transforms a signal from an input band with Min1 and Max1 to an output band with Min2 and Max2. That can be used to invert an ADSR signal or to transpose a KEYB signal.

All updated doc files and example setups you can find on: https://p-moon-modules.de