Rackmode Vocoder Bundle


Rackmode Vocoder Bundle is a collection of the three key modules from Rackmode Modules for Voltage Modular required for a complete vocal processing solution.

  • Rackmode 16 Channel Vocoder is an effect module that replicates and expands the classic rack-mounted vocoder initially released in 1978, which was originally marketed as the Bode model 7702. It has been updated from the original hardware to include stereo carrier inputs and stereo outputs, and improves upon the VST versions with independent left/right formant modulation routing.
  • Rackmode Vocal Source Oscillator is a special dual-oscillator module with a unique "glottal" waveform that reproduces both the tonal and "air" sounds of the human vocal tract. Vocal Source Oscillator is optimized for use with the VM Rackmode Vocoder module, but it can independently be utilized as a standard 1V/oct audio oscillator.
  • Rackmode Poly Vocal Source Oscillator is functionally identical to the standard Vocal Source Oscillator module but it has polyphonic pitch and gate CV input jacks, and multi-voice capabilities.

These modules may be demoed with the full Rackmode Module Collection demo for up to seven days. This demo will play white noise periodically, but is otherwise unlimited.