Synthesizer Expander Module Bundle

Type: Bundle

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Manufacturer: Cherry Audio / MRB

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$29.00 $49.00

The Synthesizer Expander Modules are emulations of the classic Oberheim Synthesizer Expander Module, aka the "SEM." Originally released in 1974, the keyboardless, mono SEM module was intended as a companion to the Oberheim DS-2, one of the earliest digital sequencers.

The Voltage Modular Synthesizer Expander Modules are similar to the "patch panel" SEM reissues released in the 2000's - exactly like the original 70s versions, with the addition of an extensive patch panel for modular flexibility. Featuring a circuit-correct recreation of the SEM’s 12 db/oct state-variable filter, programmed by award-winning synth designer Mark Barton (MRB), the Synthesizer Expander Modules sound incredible! The Synthesizer Expander Module Bundle includes mono and poly versions of this classic instrument.

Doc Joe

Mar 20, 21

Wowsa. A fat cat thatll bring an ears-wide grin to you

When I sawe the launch of the Eight Voice, and said - I gotta get me some of that in Modular. And the Synth Expander did not disappoint. Right out of the box, this baby delivers that fat, robust sound you want. String a few together and you get teeth-melting goodness. Well worth the price!

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  • Synthesizer Expander Module Demo - Eric Levy.mp3