Transportation Bundle

$39.99 $98.97

Move your sounds around in time, pitch, space, and direction with the Transportation Bundle. A cadre of unconventional tools for sound reinvention, they can manipulate audio to extremes while still producing musically manageable results.

The Laser Disc Delay drags laser readers around while letting you wire your own feedback loops for unconstrained delay networks. The TET Effector repitches realtime incoming signals with controls for performing them chromatically even as they are generated. The Center Subtractor reimages stereo signals to dissect the (usually centered) vocals/bass/kick out from the ambience and backing instrumentation, while producing interesting effects on various sources, bringing left/right differences to the fore or just making karaoke tracks too. The Infinitely Descending Shepard Filter utilizes an auditory illusion applied to the cutoff frequencies of an array of filters to produce an endless downward filter sweep that can range from a subtle swirling to a constant melting to a pronounced flutter.

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