Vintage Voice Bundle

$39.00 $49.00

Vintage Voice comes fully loaded with SynthVoice, SynthVoice Filter, DCO-60, VCF-60, and Chorus-60 modules.

SynthVoice is a complete semi-modular vintage synthesizer, featuring two oscillators, a multi-mode filter, an LFO, dual envelope generators, sample and hold, and spring reverb. It's like having a classic ARP 2600 synthesizer in your modular rack. SynthVoice Filter puts the brute power of SynthVoice's multi-mode filter into a separate module.

DCO-60 models every element of the beloved classic Juno-106 synthesizer, from its self-oscillating filter to its dreamy chorus effect, all combined in a fully-polyphonic module, loaded with patch points, that has to be heard to be believed. We've even recreated the entire "A" bank of original factory presets.

DCO-60's highpass and lowpass filter is included separately as the VCF-60 module. Chorus-60 is an expanded version of the DCO-60 chorus section and precisely replicates the giant, lush stereo spread of classic Roland Juno synthesizers. It adds stereo spread and wet/dry mix controls for added flexibility.


May 19, 20

Vintage Voice Bundle

As a Juno 60 Owner I was keen to try this out. The demo banks didn't disappoint so I made the purchase. Excellent work.


Jul 3, 20

SynthVoice rocks

I cannot believe but it is. The true twang of an ARP. Wow!


Jul 27, 20

Analogue and Perfect

This bundle is an exact replica of those synths from way back. Perfect is sound and looks. The Juno type filter is spot on. A Must have.

Title of Song

  • Dancing Saw
  • Fat & Detuned
  • Gliding Bassline
  • Low & Slow
  • Short Square
  • Synthvoice With ARP
  • Dramatic Strings
  • 80's Walk 1
  • Haunting Chior
  • Ethereal
  • Sweeping Plucks
  • Synth Sweep
  • Unison all Waves