SynthVoice is a complete semi-modular vintage synthesizer, featuring two oscillators, a multi-mode filter, an LFO, dual envelope generators, sample and hold, and spring reverb. It's like having a classic ARP 2600 synthesizer in your modular rack.


Nov 15, 21

High levels of aliasing

When playing an A6 with the saw oscillator, the aliasing is clearly audible. Looking at a spectrum analyzer, there are tons of artifacts, some as loud as 40 dB below the fundamental. You can watch them bounce off of Nyquist and 0 Hz if you apply an LFO. Please implement some antialiasing! I guarantee that the ARP2600 saw oscillator did not have digital artifacts.

(2 stars for the feature set)

Title of Song

  • Little--Plucks
  • Happy-ARP
  • Low-&-Slow
  • Old-Alarm
  • Short-Square
  • Sick-Kitten
  • Snorty-Funk-Bass
  • Synthvoice-With-ARP
  • Telephone-Lead
  • Warning-Signs
  • Chirps
  • Dancing-Saw
  • Fat-&-Detuned
  • Fat-Octave
  • Funk-Bass
  • Gliding-Bassline