Zeit Year 50 Collection


What exactly IS the Zeit Year 50 Collection?

In the words of world-renowned co-producer, Terry Viscomick:

"It's flux in the fabric of time!"

The Zeit Year 50 Collection is a bundle of four modules which allow you to construct simple or complex time-delay based effects.

The modules are:

The Zeit Voltage-Controlled Delay Line (AKA “The Zeit Module”). The Zeit Module is the beating heart of the bundle, performing all the time delay, modulation, feedback and mixing duties.

The BPM Converter, which calculates the delay times required to sync to the tempo you’re working with. Tempo can be set manually via the front panel, or automatically synced to the host DAW.

The Pitch Converter, which allows you to tune the delay time to the wavelength of a 1V/octave input. This opens up possibilities for physical modelling of acoustic instruments, as well as more electronic-sounding processing like tuned comb-filtering.

The Time Stream Integrator, which does some natty tricks with one or more Zeit Modules to create effects such as pitch shifting, pre-reverb and even real-time reverse playback!

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Title of Song

  • V-GER CON BRIO.mp3
  • Zlatna Panega ACS-100.mp3
  • Stereo Synced Delays With Vibrato.mp3
  • Max Headroom.mp3
  • A Choir of Cybermen.mp3