Addition Fader 2

$9.99 $29.99

Build an expanding CV-controlled mixer with any number of channels. Each module links with the next, so that new channels can be added as needed, with no wasted faders or space. Version 2 comes in 1 HP wider for added visual clarity and upgraded functionality.

Each unit can be used in stereo, and mono signals on either input are automatically duplicated to both outputs. The module can be readily used in bus, fx loop, or master fader arrangements too. Go ahead and use it for audio and cv alike.

Muting, panning, and gain are all CV-controllable. Connecting the Gain CV with an envelope generator turns the unit into a VCA. A CV Mode switch can also be flipped for use with LFOs for tremolo.

A lower sample delay control allows detailed phase adjustments, while a phase switch offers inversion.

Build a custom mixer, channel by channel, with this modular mixer for modular synthesis.