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Completely digital distortion effect and CV processor

BitWisr is a never before seen (and heard, for that matter) distortion effect and CV processor. While analog circuitry and their software emulations usually bend, saturate and filter the signal to create (mostly) non-linear distortion effects, BitWisr operates in a completely different way that is only possible in the digital realm.

As a first stage, the input signals are quantized to either 8, 16, 32 or 64 bit and the signal at the left input can be copied to the right input. BitWisr features 6 bitwise operation units. Each one consists of an input (either an input jack or a bitwise logic operator combining 2 signals), a bitwise inverter, a bit shifter (number of shifted bits depends on quantizer setting) and an output, also either a jack or a bitwise logic operator. The inverters and bit shifters can be modulated. The signal path is drawn onto the modules UI. The bitwise logic operators can select either A, A AND B, A OR B, A XOR B or B.

The first audio demo is the output of the patch shown in the third image, where 2 cycles of each waveform of the CA oscillator are passed through BitWisr. The second audio demo is a bassline made with CA/MRB Poly Synthesizer Expander Module where the bit shift amount is modulated randomly with each note.

Title of Song

  • LFO BitWisr.mp3
  • Bassline BitWisr.mp3