Chaser is meant to call to mind a string of LED lights that can be strung together in different ways. One Chaser is a 1x8 sequential switch with a few options, but multiple instances is where the real fun starts. Using the event and state outputs, instances can be influenced by other instances. Patterns of one or more lights can be looped, split, turned upside down, or other possibilities. Add in some modules, such as boolean logic, clock dividers/multipliers, trigger counters, etc., and the possibilities grow even larger.

  • Set an initial pattern of 0 to 8 active LEDs per instance
  • Advance the pattern(s) at your own pace however you wish, introduce a new active LED, or reset back to the initial pattern
  • Patterns can bounce, wrap around, or just fall off the end
  • Use events (bounce, wrap, overflow) and state (current direction) to control other instances
  • Output can quickly fade in/out (declick), hold the last active output value, or none of the above

There are free annotated example presets to get you started.