Crosstalk is a polyphonic module which propagates signals across polyphonic channels, mixing and muddying the pristine separation of signals.

It has two modes, which can be applied simultaneously.

Bleed mode adds an attenuated signal from one channel to another, imitating the behaviour of hardware affected by capacitative coupling.

Ring Modulation mode multiplies each channel’s signal with every other channel’s signals, introducing ringing distortion.

Both the “bleed” and the “ring modulation” signal are passed through a simple filter which cuts low frequencies below, and boosts high frequencies above, a centre frequency.

A noise circuit optionally adds low-level noise to the mix.

Crosstalk is good for dirtying-up polyphonic synths, and introducing subtle cohesion to stereo-separated signals (e.g. when a polyphonic signal is distributed in stereo space by the Poly Stereo Spread module).