Curvaceous is a polyphonic oscillator which plays a waveform formed of up to seven curve segments. It uses the same controls as Curvature to define the waveform, whose segment endpoints can be modulated during playback by a control voltage or audio rate signal.

Curvaceous exists because a common use case for Curvature is as an oscillator, but building a polyphonic oscillator out of multiple instances would be unduly cumbersome.

While Curvature is a voltage-to-voltage converter which just happens to be usable as an oscillator by feeding it a pure sawtooth wave input signal, Curvaceous generates an input sawtooth wave of the desired frequency itself for each of its polyphonic channels, and outputs the waveform that Curvature would output given that input.

The conventional controls for a polyphonic oscillator are provided, with facilities for octave selection, frequency modulation and so on.