CV Meter

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P.moon CV Meter

Slim triple digital DC volt meter. Displays control voltage value or tone, that is represented by CV value.

  • volt mode CV Meter shows actual voltage at cv in. You can chose 2 or 4 decimals. Constant values from -99.9999 to 999.9999 are displayed.

  • tone mode Name of tone step as well as actual octave will be displayed. Additionally LCD shows difference between actual tone and quantized tone in cents "c". One c = 1/100 halftone = 1/1200 volt.

    • tone mode 0..+10 V pitch range for hardware synth modules.

    • tone mode -2..+8 V pitch range for use in Voltage Modular.

If voltage at cv in exceeds tone or metering ranges, "cv<min" or "cv>max" will be displayed.

Every time, input voltage exceeds 2.5 v, LED gives a short flash. This lets you indicate trigger pulses.

This module is also part of P.moon Ultimate Bundle.

last build: #10 2022-04-17