Digital To Analog Converter

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Eight inputs are interpreted as the ones and zeroes of an 8-bit (or up to 32-bit with four combined modules) signal, and interpreted into an analog signal. Paired with the Analog To Digital Converter, you can convert audio to digital and back to audio, which would be useless, except that you can also turn the knobs to subtly or drastically introduce nonlinearities and errors, drop or rearrange bits, and experiment with the most fundamental quanta of digital sound. The bit depth selection switch lets you peer into any batch of 8-bits, from the most significant ones to the ones you might not even hear, and you can use four units together to recoup a full 32-bit signal (each unit set to a different depth and the outputs to a single destination). For the more adventurous experimentalist, the top section provides controls for batch manipulation, randomization, bias, and gain, assisting your efforts to corrupt the signal to explore its possibilities. The individual bit gains are also CV modulatable, for dynamic nonsense.

Get the Signal Conversion Experimentation Framework Bundle for this unit’s companion ADC and Sample Rate Reducer too, opening up a full platform for experimenting with signal conversion.