DMT Familiar


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The DMT Familiar module features two independent probability trigger sequencers, you can determine per-step the likelihood of a step triggering an output, with outputs for each sequencer, as well individual outputs for each step – this gives us a lot of flexibility in creating complex percussive and melodic patches!


For each step in the sequencers, you can select a probability value between 0-100%. When the step is active the module will decide at random whether to trigger that step or not. If the step triggers, this will send a trigger to the Trigger output CV Output, as well as that particular step’s Individual Step Out CV.


CLK IN – When the Clock input receives a Gate or Trigger (>= 2.5v) the module will trigger a step movement along the sequencer.

RESET – When the Reset input receives a Gate or Trigger (>=2.5v) both sequencer A and B will reset back to the first step.

PROB. RANGE – Determines the range that the PROB knobs will use, with the MIN knob for the minimum value, and MAX for the maximum value. For example, with the MIN knob set to 0% and the MAX knob set to 100%, the PROB % knobs will give you a full range from 0% to 100%. Setting the MAX knob to 50% means that the PROB % knobs will give you a range from 0% to 50%. TIP: Using these knobs during performance can alter the density of your rhythmic patterns to give you a nice contrast from ultra-dense to sparse!

STEPS – Select how many steps you want in either sequence A or B.

PROB % – Controls to determine the likelihood of a particular step being triggered. For example, setting a step to 100% (5 o’ clock) means the step will trigger every time. Setting it to 50% (12 o’ clock) will trigger 50% of the time, and setting it to 0% (7 o’ clock) will never trigger.


STEP OUT – 2×8 outputs – one per step for both sequencers. If a step triggers, a trigger will an output of 5v on that step’s STEP OUT CV jack.

TRIGGER OUT – The main out for the sequencer. If a step triggers, a trigger will an output of 5v.