Drastic Action Equalizer

$7.99 $14.00

Take a DJ-style cut EQ/filter & take it further in that the direction, then make it a pair of EQs with a crossfader to morph between their settings, then make it modulatable via envelopes or LFOs (or whatever, even audio), and equip it for mono/stereo/polyphonic signal paths, and you've got the Drastic Action Equalizer.

With extreme band gains, adjustable Q and musically relevant discrete frequency selection, this EQ is meant for pushing & pulling audio into new territory and uncovering secret sounds within (samples, complex oscillators, and harmonically rich content make especially great source material). And, with a crossfading pair, you can dynamically go back and forth between an original (with untouched eq settings) and newly crafted tones, or between two contrasting sets of EQ manipulations.

To get started, send the crossfader to the left and use the inner low/mid/high dials to craft a tone. Send the crossfader to the right and use the outer dials next, crafting a contrasting tone. If you want to tinker with the frequencies and Q of each band, you can use the lower set of dials - inner for frequency, outer for Q (bandwidth). If you want to even out the volume of your two EQs (or if you want to do the opposite), use the silver gain knobs. And, if things are getting saturated, you may want to use the upper input trim. There's also a bypass at the top, for comparison with your original.

Then, you can either use the crossfader to manually morph between tones or you can automate it with modulation via the jack just above. There's a neighboring switch to change the response so for LFOs vs envelopes, as well as a polarity button so that you can reverse the modulation response. Try using an envelope with an attenuated LFO both going in. Since it's hard to make EQ adjustments once the crossfader is moving all over, there's a mod on/off button which pauses the modulation so that you can use the crossfader manually and make changes with it static.

Once you get to exploring, you'll realize that you can achieve interesting versions of band-specific amplitude modulation, sparkly tremolo highs, alternatingly isolated audio components, and plenty more.

While it's not the EQ you'd look to for mixing, it sure is the EQ ready for action!