Eight To One Poly Switch


An 8 to 1 polyphonic switch module.

This routes one of eight polyphonic inputs to a single polyphonic output. Which input is selected can be controlled in a cyclical manner with a button press or a trigger input. A reset button and trigger input are also provided. Alternatively a 0 V to 5 V control voltage can be used to select which input to use.

The module checks how many cables are connected and ignores any input socket that is disconnected. Note this means that when just one input or no inputs are connected the module appears to not do anything useful.

If the CV IN socket is connected then the step and reset functions are disabled. The CV is evenly distributed across the inputs so for instance if two inputs are connected then the first is selected by 0 V to just under 2.5 V and the second by 2.5 V to 5 V.

By default the module uses the LSSP classic skin but if you prefer you can right click on the ~Adroit~ logo at the bottom to switch to a plain dark background.

The switch works with regular polyphonic signals but also works with Adroit S-Poly signals so can be used to switch between different chord and/or scale signals used by the Adroit Granular Synth and LSSP. Therefore this module is included as part of the Granular Synth and LSSP XL bundles as well as being available individually. It's also included as part of the Adroit Toolkit bundle as it's a useful general purpose module.