Adroit Toolkit

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The Adroit Synthesis Toolkit is a subset of LSSP XL, it includes the following modules.

AHR Generator: A West Coast style envelope/function generator

CV Watcher: A visualization tool for examining up to five CVs changing over time

Dual VCA: Two VCAs/ Lowpass Gates with an inverter, mixer and some neat wiring normalization

Eight to One Poly Switch: A utility for switching between polyphonic signals

Tempo: A handy 96 PPQN sync generator

MIDI Compensator: A utility for solving latency problems by delaying MIDI signals

MIDI Drum Kit: A six-channel router for triggering MIDI drums

MIDI Panic: A utility for solving hanging note problems (also available for free)

MIDI Patch: A utility for sending MIDI Bank Select and Program Change messages

Named Multiple: A multi-purpose utility that's useful in large patches

Note Watcher: A visualization tool that displays notes on a keyboard graphic

Skin Module: A module that allows you to customize the backgrounds of Adroit LSSP modules