Named Multiple


A simple but very useful module.

It has an easy to use color-coded editable text label with huge letters that stand out enough for you to easily identify what the modules next to it do in medium to large scale patches.

Double click on the label and type in a short description. Text is limited to 12 characters and converted to upper case as this looks best in a vertical layout. Hit return when done or it will time out on its own after ten seconds to save you the bother.

Click the COLOR button to select one of 16 different color schemes.

A 1-In-4-Out multiple is provided for distributing signals and keeping your wiring that bit tidier.

If the IN socket is connected to something then the ON toggle switch controls whether the signal is sent to the outputs or not.

If the IN socket is disconnected then the outputs produce 5 Volts when the ON switch is enabled or 0 Volts otherwise - handy for the occasional gate signal and as a DC source.

A simple meter on the right-hand side of the module displays a visual representation of the voltage available at the outputs. The range of this meter is -10 V to +10 V in order to accommodate signals beyond the regular -5 V to +5 V range normally used in Voltage Modular. This is handy for detecting overflows and for monitoring V/Bar signals used in typical 8 bar length sections in Adroit Synthesis LSSP patches.

This module is also available as part of the Adroit Toolkit bundle