ENV-20 EG2 Envelope

Type: Module

Category: Envelope generators

Updated: Jun 09, 2020

Manufacturer: Andrew Macaulay

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A small form-factor ADSR envelope generator inspired by the Korg MS-20 EG2 envelope generator, where the Hold time is added after the gate is released. Gate Input defaults to Panel Gate if no jack connected for simpler patching. This module supports legato and retrigger modes for the hold time and the optional linking of Decay time to Release time, and supports options for the mid-point of the time controls (from the "options" cog-wheel button).

Also sold as part of Andrew Macaulay's Envelope and LFO Collection and included in Andrew Macaulay's Ultimate Bundle.

Andrew Macaulay's modules are a suite of Control and Utility focused modules for Voltage Modular around gates/trigger handling, envelopes, ratcheting/sequencing and mixing/switching. Andrew is a musician and retired IT pro who started developing modules for Voltage Modular to add useful tools for use in his own compositions before deciding to share them through the store.

More information including news, product plans, release notes and help pages at https://andrewmacaulaymusic.uk/modules.