Andrew Macaulay's Envelope and LFO Collection

This collection includes twenty-three monophonic and polyphonic Envelope and LFO related modules, including the following modules:

  • Voltage Controlled Envelope, a comprehensive DAHDSR envelope with Delay and Hold times, extensive voltage controls, optional Sustain Time and Looping, triggers from each stage and Sustain pedal input;
  • Trapezoid Envelope VCA and Poly Trapezoid Envelope VCA, providing a EMS VCS/Synthi inspired envelope generator with variable slopes and VCA;
  • ENV-20 EG2 Envelope and Poly ENV-20 EG2, providing a Korg MS-20 inspired ADSR with a unique Hold which adds the Hold after the gate is released;
  • Micro Envelope and Poly Micro Envelope, featuring a simpler DAHDSR envelope in a small form-factor useful where multiple envelopes are needed, for example to drive individual harmonics on the Additive Synth;
  • Micro Envelope VCA and Poly Micro Envelope VCA, which combines a simple AHDSR with a VCA into a small form-factor module;
  • Mini Envelope VCA Plus and Poly Mini Envelope VCA Plus, providing DAHDSR envelope with extended time settings, dual VCA, sustain pedal support and looping;
  • CV Delay and Processor, providing a flexible delay and fade envelope with flexible CV mixing and limiting;
  • Delayed LFO which combines the delay and fade envelope, CV inputs and a flexible LFO module with multiple waveforms;
  • Mini Delayed LFO which provides a simpler delay fade LFO in a smaller form factor with a standard set of waveforms;
  • Poly Delayed LFO which provides a polyphonic version of the Mini Delayed LFO with some additional features from the Delayed LFO;
  • Sample/Track and Hold, a flexible sample and hold modules that also offers the Korg MS-20 inspired Track and Hold behaviour, as well as quantization, and change restriction/limiting features;
  • Slew Processor, providing flexible slew/glide with separate rise and fall settings/modes, and voltage control of many aspects;
  • Pitch CV to WaveTime and Frequency to CV helper modules (also in other collections) to allow the Slew Processor settings to track audio waves or to drive Voltage-Controlled Envelope times based on the pitch CV;
  • Drift Generator which provides slow moving (hours long) change with random offsets which can be used to provide a vintage-like instability to voltage controlled modules;
  • CV Pitch Scaler helper module (also in other collections) that makes it easier to use the Drift Generator directly with Voltage Controlled Oscillators, etc.
  • and mono and poly Zero-Crossing Processor modules that sense zero-crossing of waveforms and ensure the gate (or CV) is aligned to these to reduce clicks from gate switching or fast/aggressive envelopes;

Also includes the Notes Panel 8HP and 16HP panels for adding notes to patches, the UI Settings Configurator module together with a set of tutorial presets. Note that any new modules added to this collection in the future will be included at no extra cost to existing users.

Note that all my modules with clock inputs for sync use a number of approaches to minimise the need to receive multiple clocks before processing the timing, including saving the current sensed clock time so that opening a preset can start the sync'd time immediately.

This collection is also included in Andrew Macaulay's Ultimate Bundle.