Poly Trapezoid Envelope VCA

A Poly version of the Trapezoid Envelope module with included VCA. Taking inspiration from the EMS VCS and Synthi vintage synths, the Trapezoid generator allows simple envelopes and repeating loops to be generated.

With flexible linear and logarithmic slopes for both the attack and decay phases, plus options for gated or fixed on stage, and single-shot, repeating or gated repeat mode, the module takes the ideas from the VCS/Synthi and allows even more creativity.

The Decay stage has CV control input (-5V = -100% switching decay off, +5V = +100% doubling the decay time) and attenuator which allows complex loops to be generated by the Trapezoid envelope.

The module also includes a simple VCA path to allow easy use of the envelope with audio or control signals, which has optional linear or exponential CV modes as well as smoothing options including Zero Crossing processing to reduce clicks when audio processing.

Also sold as part of Andrew Macaulay's Envelope and LFO Collection and included in Andrew Macaulay's Ultimate Bundle.