Filter Drift


Also available in The Drift Pack at a greatly reduced price!

Filter Drift routes the input signal through a series of peak / notch filters. The frequency and gain of the filters drift randomly up and down, which sounds a little like a phaser effect, but with less predictable movement. Use it with subtle settings to add a little bit of life to a sound, or with more extreme settings for crazy FX!

Set the amount of active filters with the FILTERS knob, from 1 to 8. Note that the filters require some computing power, so keep an eye on the CPU.

The RATE knob sets the overall drift rate of both frequency and gain of the filters.

The WIDTH knob sets how tightly the drifts in the left and right channels are locked to each other. Fully left, the effect is mono. Fully right, the L & R channels drift independently. You can use this to add stereo movement to mono signals (connect the mono input to the left input jack).

The B-WIDTH knob sets the bandwidth of each filter in octaves. Lower settings produce resonant peaks or sharp cuts, while larger values sound smoother.

The FREQUENCY LOW & HIGH knobs set the lower and upper limits of the frequency drift, and the GAIN LOW & HIGH knobs the range for the filter gain in decibels. Be careful with high gain values.

Use the ON button to enable / bypass the effect.

Note: If you set a LOW knob higher than the corresponding HIGH knob, the values are just switched internally. The random range is always between these two values, regardless of which one is higher.