The Drift Pack

$15.00 $80.00

Time to drift away! The Drift Pack contains eight compact modules for adding smooth random movement, instability, imperfections and that elusive analog quality to your patches... all those things that make sounds unpredictable and interesting. Use the modules subtly to add some life to static sounds, or turn the knobs to max for cool and crazy effects! Some of the modules also work well for adding stereo width to mono sounds.

  • Pitch Drift: Gradual random pitch variation for audio signals.
  • Volume Drift: Gradual random amplitude modulation for audio signals.
  • Filter Drift: Moving random peak & notch filters for audio signals.
  • Control Drift: Random smooth fluctuations for control signals (LFOs, envelopes, etc). Can also act as a drift signal generator.
  • Dynamic Noise: Adds noise to audio (or control!) signals, with the noise level following the input.
  • Gate Drift: A gate that opens and closes at random intervals. For audio and control signals.
  • NEW! Lag Drift: Random lag for control signals.
  • NEW! Sync Drift: Random timing variations for sync/trigger/gate signals.

Check the individual module pages for more info! All modules feature a handy ON/OFF button for easy comparison with the original signal.


Jan 15, 23

seems counterproductive but adds that "je ne sais quoi" feeling thats always missing.

great pack for 15 dollars makes every module sound analog