Volume Drift


Also available in The Drift Pack at a greatly reduced price!

Volume Drift adds gradual random amplitude modulation to an audio signal, making its volume drift up and down. With subtle settings, it’s great for adding an “unstable” or “analog” feeling to a patch, while more extreme settings really kick the sound into motion.

Use the polarity switch to set the range of the modulation. With the AMOUNT knob at max, the ranges work as follows:

  • - = From silence to original volume
  • BI = From silence to 2x original volume
  • + = From original volume to 2x

The WIDTH knob controls how independently the modulation works between the L & R channels. Fully left, both channels have the same modulation, and the effect is mono. Turn WIDTH up to make the module act like a random panner. Use the left input only for mono signals.

Use the ON button to enable / bypass the effect.