Pitch Drift


Also available in The Drift Pack at a greatly reduced price!

Pitch Drift adds smooth random pitch variations to the incoming audio signal, making it drift and wander around the original pitch. With subtle settings, it’s great for adding an “unstable” or “analog” feeling to a sound. And with more extreme settings, it can make things truly chaotic!

Turn down the MIX knob to blend in the original signal, which can turn the module into a kind of random chorus/flanger. When the WIDTH knob is turned all the way down, the pitch modulation is the same in both channels. Turn it up to make the L & R modulation more independent and the stereo image wider. This also works for widening mono sounds, use the left input only for a single input signal.

Pitch Drift uses high quality interpolation to keep unwanted extra harmonics at minimum when pitch shifting.

Use the ON button to enable / bypass the effect. Note that the module adds a short variable delay to the pitched sound.