FUZZBOMB takes its inspiration from the gnarly and bombastic fuzzboxes that exploded onto the guitar effects scene in the 1960’s. Typically very simple circuits based around diodes or transistors, they produced a high gain saturated tone that quickly turned pretty much anything in their path into a turbo-charged square wave version of itself!

While most recognisable at extreme settings, many fuzzes could also generate quite acceptable “tubey” overdrive tones with the gain backed off. We’ve tried to cover similar territory in the design of FUZZBOMB, although we’re not really talking “subtle guitar amp breakup” here!

FUZZBOMB has two totally independent channels for processing stereo or dual mono inputs. When either input is used, it will be routed to both outputs.

ON button toggles FUZZBOMB between active and bypass mode.

FUZZ varies the overall drive into the clipping “circuit”, and ultimately how fuzzy the resulting sound will be. Depending on the strength of the input signal, FUZZ will take you from crispy crunch to all-out square wave splatter!

SKEW allows you to introduce a positive or negative amount of asymmetrical clipping which was a common artefact produced by many of the original fuzz circuits. It’s a sonic effect that’s easier to hear than explain to be honest. In the centre position, clipping is symmetrical.

BASS and TREBLE are active cut and boost controls for low and high frequencies. At their centre position, no cut or boost is applied. These controls can have quite a dramatic effect on the type of tones FUZZBOMB produces, so we urge you to experiment!

LEVEL is an attenuation control allowing you to reduce the final output level if needed. This control does not change the fuzz effect, and at maximum setting, there is no attenuation.

Please note that FUZZBOMB has been designed so its output should not exceed +/-5.0V so you can push it as hard as you like! If you’re using instruments such as guitar, keep in mind FUZZBOMB is a high gain effect and will also amplify any background noise. You may find that simply reducing the TREBLE control will help reduce hiss or similar noise.

We hope FUZZBOMB gives you warm and fuzzy feelings!