Type: Module

Category: Utility

Updated: Aug 06, 2021

Manufacturer: PoohBear

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Gator A gating device with 1 to X steps, X being on how powerful your system is, if you want 1,000 gates then so be it, if you want a million then just make sure you have the patience’s to wire them up.

Part of the PoohBears Goodie Bag Bundle.

Video Manual

One of the big features of this device is you can link them together to give you the desired amount of steps you want and a couple of other features that help with keeping the amount of wiring needed low. So, let’s just look at one device, there are 8 steps that can be on or off, there is a step knob to turn down the number of steps to create the pattern you want. 1) Trigger; The steps are cycled by the “Trigger” input jack, this trigger is fired off with a voltage above 2.5v and is reset when the volts drop below 2.5v (what that means is once the threshold have been reached it does not matter if you change the value to a different value above the threshold as only one trigger is fired, e.g. If you wire up a sinewave LFO the trigger will be fired once for every cycle) Note The minimum Trigger length must be at least 3 samples long.

2) In; The input jack can accept any CV signal, when you happen to be sending Gate data through the input there is switch between the Trigger and In, when On the Input Jack will also act as the trigger to move the steps on and hence you won’t need anything in the Trigger jack.

3) Link-on\off switch; special mode, if the link-off and the Main link is setup see (8) and you have nothing in the Trigger you will get the Trigger from the previous Gator. Note: at least one Gator in the Link chain must either have a Trigger input or Link-on if the In Input is trigger\gate data.

4) 8 Steps; These can be either on or off.

5) Steps (Knob); This sets the number of steps that will be used in a pattern, even including 1, now it may seam that 1 step does not make really make any sense however here are few usages for it.

a) You want something to be turned on at some time and never to be turned off.

b) When you have 2 Gator’s linked together you may want 9 steps.

c) When you have 2 or more Gator’s linked together the Outs could drive something else!!!!

6) Out and Global Out; If the step is on then the Input Jack value is sent to the Output Jack, if it’s turned off then 0v is sent.

a) Out: This is per GaToR an only the information processed by that GaToR is sent out of the "Out".

b) Global: All GaToR's that have the same Pooh-fi channel will output to the Global out.

7) Reset Step No.; Just restarts the pattern from Step 1, if in linked mode it will restart the pattern from the Master Gator, note when in Linked mode only one of the Gator’s needs the Reset Step No. wired up. E.g. Lets say we have 3 Gator’s Linked up, the 1st is the Master, the 2nd has the Reset Step no. jack wired up and the 3rd is currently playing step 4 of it’s pattern, when the reset is detected, Gator 3 will stop and Gator 1 (the Master) will start from Step 1.

8) Link and Master mode; You link up one or more Gators in serial, Link Out from one to Link In to the next and so on, when you get the last Gator you link the Out back to the first Gator, thus creating a feedback loop (don’t worry we have this feedback loop fully tamed). One of the Gators needs to have the Master selected but not more than one, the Link does try and make sure that there is only one selected so if you select another one with one already selected it will turn off the old one. Note the Links are serial, if you Link Out\In (including multiple cables) of turn you will be releasing the beast, you have been warned but the beast if treated correctly could be tamed!!!!!!

9) There is more, double left click on PoohBear for a surprise, when in Link mode, right click for an even bigger one.

Build #08: Public Release