PoohBear's Goodie Bag

My products are closely related and this is the way to buy them at a silly reduced bundle price.

Very creative powerful devices however very easy to use.

Add some CV pitch data into Store and Forward, Pass it through one of the FlipFlop Counters\Switchers for a bit more control or randomisation, use the GaToR get some rhythmic feel and have it change up your original data and of course it helps to keep it all in sync with the Trigate and see the results with First Contact.

Video of presets only https://youtu.be/EA0CGkKzMSw

Video of me telling you more details about the presets. https://youtu.be/9SYS4a0u0I0

There is a Reason combinator patch and a couple of presets not related to this bundle. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/czpil2590otpuda/AACpeepMkGkwfu0KYC2_t9hIa?dl=0

Video Link

Video Link

Video Link