PoohBear's Goodie Treat Pot Bag

Manufacturer: PoohBear

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$39.99 $251.50

This bundle includes all the products from the PoohBears Goodie Bag Bundle and the PoohBear's Treat Pot. That's over 50 modules.

There are also BONUS modules that are only available in this bundle.

Most modules include a technical overview video about them. (the blanking plates don't as they would be just a blank video :) )

Note: Make sure you login to see your offers, if you own both of Poohbear's Goodie Bag and Poohbear's Treat Pot bundle then Poohbear's Goodie Treat Pot Bag will be free for you, if you own just one of the bundles then this (and the other) bundle will be heavily discounted :)

My products are closely related and this is the way to buy them at a silly reduced bundle price.

Very creative powerful devices however very easy to use.

Add some CV pitch data into Store and Forward, Pass it through one of the FlipFlop Counters\Switchers for a bit more control or randomisation, use the GaToR get some rhythmic feel and have it change up your original data and of course it helps to keep it all in sync with the Trigate and see the results with First Contact.