PB Triglen

A short set length trigger\gate, that can be from 1 sample to just over 16.5 hours, the output can be 5v, or a value passed in from the input trigger.

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Video Manual

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Main Usage: Allowing you to set the length of a trigger\gate so it does not matter if a gate is 10 minutes long or a short 1 sample trigger actives it, the length will always be the length set**.

Input Trigger, the input trigger can be a trigger or gate and will active the "Go" button, there is also a Button called Trig>x.x, When toggled on, it works in VM trigger mode which is above 2.5v to trigger (and 2.5 or below 2.5 for off), when toggled off, anything above 0v to trigger (and zero or below for off).

Go, the go button will active the device however if there is a connected input cable, in either Hold or Thru mode, the output signal can be set to a negative voltage if one desires.
Also if the timer is already running, Go will restart the timer.

Hold, The voltage value that triggers the device is sent to the out.
Thru, if length is above 1 then the input signal is passed thru to the out.
5v, A constant 5 volts is sent out.

Length counter, the digital display can be changed by hovering you mouse over it, then click and drag to change the value from 1 to 999, the lengths can be either :- Samples, 1 to 999
Milliseconds, 1 to 999
Seconds, 1 to 999
Minutes, 1 to 999

ReTrig, If enabled, any new input trigger will restart the timer. Note: the Go button overrides the ReTrig even if it's set to disabled.

Out, the output can be 5v, or a hold or Thru from the input trigger with max length of 999 samples..
NOTE: Turning the "Out" off now resets the device and also marks it as inactive and the timer as been completed.

** Note
if you select Hold or Thru and the input is zero or drops to zero it will appear that you don't have a trigger set, the device will happily process 0v as 0v.
If the Length is set to 1, Hold and Thru will output the same value.
If there is no input cable you can not select either Hold or Thru and it defaults to 5 volts.

Build #5: Added Milliseconds, Seconds and Minutes as length durations. Added new Retrig mode

Build #4: Public release