PoohBear's Treat Pot

A new and exciting bundle from PoohBear plus everyone loves a Treat Pot. https://youtu.be/Hb-621RaRR4

This is a mixed bag but not too mixed, at the center are the four different types of Preset Steppers..

Note: If you are interested in both bundles and you don't own any, buy the PoohBear's Goodie Bag Bundle first and then in separate transaction buy the PoohBear Treat Port Bundle and you will get a discount (they have to be separate transactions)..

Preset Steppers can be used to create Presets, Morphing FX, creating Chords, Seq's,

For switching,
Auto Sense and Auto Sense Poly, they give automatic switching to a single output port.
Auto Sense Digital Select, converting several incoming signals to corresponding static signals, outgoing to one port.
RADITCH, RADio swITCH, an 8x8 matrix of radio switches with some added features. FlipFlop Edge, switches depending on if the signal is rising or falling.

Hi-Lo Port ++, Based on my old module but now includes Gate logic
Hi-Lo Poly Port, a Poly version of the above.
Control Pad, is a great little helper for selecting direct values.
On Change Trigger will create simple triggers from changes in a CV signal, up 24000 triggers per second if you want.
Midi Mono Split, Split multiple Midi channels into separate mono Note, Gate Velocity ports.
Convert, convert between several ranges using different methods.
Poly Break About, breakout box for Poly cables with several options.

For Monitoring and diagnostics we have
Want to know how long you have been working in a project, there's Project Runtime.
Big Meter, big rolling display for BIG numbers.
Big Counter, counts any CV change.
Latency Checker, helps keep an eye on the latency of a signal.
how many times have you said "Just 5 more minutes then.....", here is a an alarm module to remind you..

Technical videos
5 More Minutes https://youtu.be/j_6qxixCB08
Auto Sense https://youtu.be/ZnAuf0xOU4Y
Auto Sense Poly https://youtu.be/ZnAuf0xOU4Y
Auto Sense Digital Select https://youtu.be/WM9TcNoBiF0
BIG Counter https://youtu.be/XBTvSyFs2Go
BIG Meter https://youtu.be/5gFcR-DdUf8
Control Pad https://youtu.be/ZnAuf0xOU4Y
Convert https://youtu.be/L2ON8E2a3kU
FlipFlop Edge https://youtu.be/nYCjgWHOU7E
HI LO Ports https://youtu.be/hMRlwsL98dk
HI LO Poly https://youtu.be/hMRlwsL98dk
Latency Checker https://youtu.be/8p8ZLcjrikE
Midi Mono Split https://youtu.be/H-44cDkTLR0
Poly Break About https://youtu.be/KNqGgjSEPRo
Project Runtime https://youtu.be/7lmJP3duVcg
On Change Trigger https://youtu.be/JkhfG0yWGaY
Raditch https://youtu.be/4SWzGCLktPE
Preset Digital Stepper https://youtu.be/sTU_RXDc5Vk
Preset Digital Stepper Remote https://youtu.be/sTU_RXDc5Vk
Preset Voltage Stepper https://youtu.be/sTU_RXDc5Vk
Preset Voltage Stepper Remote https://youtu.be/sTU_RXDc5Vk