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Overview of the PoohBear's Treat Pot bundle. https://youtu.be/Hb-621RaRR4

Technical video and demo https://youtu.be/4SWzGCLktPE

Technical update of Raditch (build 19) https://youtu.be/kdz_MumwZcE

Raditch = RADio swITCH

8 Input and 8 Output ports that can be configured to connect any input port to any output port however only one at the time.

There is an 8 x 8 matrix of buttons (64 in total), when you select a new button the old button is automatically turned off, there is a separate "Off" button which will turn all buttons off and sets the output ports to zero if the "Hold" is not selected, read further down for more information about "Hold" option).

There is a CV override which can control the buttons, if the CV signal is out of range e.g. below 0v or above X volts (X being dependant on input range and attenuator settings) then no buttons will be selected (equivalent to turning the device off).

There is an attenuator control around the CV override input port that can be used to reduce the incoming signal, if there is no input cable this attenuator will act as a voltage knob for selecting a button from the matrix, the intention of this control is really for a remote midi controllers.

SP = Special, think of this doubling the resolution, it's main use is when the attenuator is being controlled via a midi controller, as standard CC data 0 = button 1, CC data 1 = button 2 up to CC data 63 = button 64, this can be fiddly to control from some midi controllers however with SP on CC data 0 and 1 = button 1 up to CC 126 and 127 = button 64 and this makes it easier to control. (personally when I look at the 8 x 8 matrix I see the numbering as 0 to 63 e.g first row from 0 to 7 etc.)

Input ranges. (note that only half of this voltage is needed to select each button in turn unless the SP option is on, also see Lo/Hi option.)

  • Note: Lo = C-1 to D#4, Hi = F4 to G9
  • 1v: Lo = 0 to ~0.496, Hi = ~0.503 to 1v
  • 5v: Lo = 0 to 2.48, Hi = ~2.519 to 5v
  • -+5v: Lo = -5 to ~-0.039 , Hi = ~0.039 to 5v

The 1v range comes in handy when connecting the CV override from other devices in the PoohBear Goodie bag range like the Flip Flip Counter or the Preset XXX steppers.

The "Note" option above will display Note values, if you hold the Note button down it will display the CC number of that Note.

Lo/Hi (Low/High), in "Lo" mode the buttons are numbered from 0 to 63, "Hi" mode they are numbered from 64 to 127, they also have an effect on the input see above.

Layout, A,B and C, these are referring to the numbering order of the input and output ports
A = left to right, 0 to 7, 2nd row 8 to 15 etc etc. (Note the number starts at zero to be inline with Midi CC data which starts at 0. ).
B = 1st column of buttons (top to bottom) from 0 to 7, 2nd col 8 to 15 etc etc.
C = The numbering goes diagonal across.

Hold: When turned on and a new ROW is selected the last output jack value on the old row is held until another column on that row is selected, it works like a Track and Hold device.
Note: If "Hold " is on and if the "Off" button has been selected the output jacks are held at their last known value.

ReTrigger: This is a soft retrigger, a retrigger only happens when HOLD is on and the same button is reselected and it is the still the same voltage (a one sample drop to 0 volts occurs).

Trig on Change, A trigger is sent out when a button pressed (this is also true for CV input).

Darkmode: double click the Bear but not too hard it might make him grumpy..

Personal reason behind device: When testing my own products I end up switching between many different signal paths, A/B switches work great however I often find I need to switch between A/B/C/D to W/X/Y/Z and I want to do this quickly.

Layout mode uses. You can use this device for many things, including what I call a 8-1 (multiplexer) or 1-8 (demultiplexer ) or 1 to 1 ( fixed ports connected).
example using a LFO connected up (with a 5v range), setting the attenuator to 5.6%, the LFO will span just one row:-
Layout A selected, in turn each of the input ports goes to just one output port.
Layout B selected, just one input port in turn goes to each output port.
Layout C selected, In port 1 to Out port 1, In port 2 to Out port 2........ In port 8 to Out Port 8.

Build #20 Added Button "?", disables tooltips for the buttons, the tooltips are large and can get in the way of seeing what is happening on the device.

Build#16/19 Added features, 2 extra input ranges "note" and -+5v.
Added lo/hi scope on the range e.g. lo 1v = 0 to ~0.5v, hi 1v = ~0.5v to 1v
Added ReTrigger = This is a soft retrigger, a retrigger only happens when HOLD is on and the same button is reselected and it is the still the same voltage.
Added display the notes/keys when the Note range is selected, if you hold down the NOTE button it will display the CC numbers.

Build#15 Public Release