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Technical and Demo video https://youtu.be/XBTvSyFs2Go

A simple big counter, can count every signal change.

Main counter shows all changes. Per Second, shows how many changes per second (max is 48000).

Threshold.(default Zero) The counter can be setup to count a signal above or below a threshold or just when the threshold is breached.

  • '<=' Equal or below the threshold set, default is Zero.
  • '>' above the the threshold.
  • Off, does not count.
  • Once, just count when the threshold has been breached.
  • All, count every signal change within the range set.

The '<=' and '>' can be set separately, which allows for different types of counts.

In the follow example we will use a sine wave as a input running a 1hz going from -5v to 5v and using the following settings of a threshold of Zero.

  • <= >
  • Off - Off, zero, nothing will be counted, TBH a pointless setting.
  • Off - Once, this will count once every time the signal goes above the threshold, result will be equivalent of one cycle per second = 1 per second
  • Off- All, This will count every signal change above the threshold, result will be equivalent of counting a full half phase in a second = 24000 per second
  • Once - Once, this will count every time the threshold is breached, result will be equivalent of counting a square wave = 2 per second
  • All - All, this counts all signal changes = 48000 per second.
  • there are also other configurations of the above which can be chosen.

Note: 48000 is the highest count per second which is the data transfer speed between devices in Voltage Modular.

Reset, restarts the counters, makes sure that "In" is selected and that the counters are not paused.

Pause ( II ), Pause the updating of the counters. In, Stops or allows the signal to be counted. Input, the signal to be tested.

Darkmode: double click the Bear but not too hard it might make him grumpy..

Personal reason behind device: I built this device for my testing in my dev environment which helps find bugs and to make sure things really are doing what you expect, in the real (live) world I have also found this quite handy making sure things are doing what I expect and in some cases it's been an eye opener to what is going on...

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