PB Midi Mono Split

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Technical Video https://youtu.be/H-44cDkTLR0

Splits the Midi channels to each Mono output, however poly data on the same channel will be lost.

1 standard Midi input port,
(slots) 6 * Pitch, Gate and Velocity output ports.

The Digital Display which controls the midi channels for that slot can be changed by hovering your mouse over it, then click and drag to change the value. You can also right click and enter a value in manual and also from the right click there is Midi learn so it can be assigned to a Midi controller.

Midi Chnl (Midi Channel), in this mode you can see and set what slots are set to what Midi channels, you can select the same midi channel more than once but there is not any point of it.
Midi Num, The display shows the (last)current midi note number being sent out.
Midi Note, The display shows the (last)current note being sent out.

Note: in any of the above modes you can still hover over and change the midi channel.