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How many times have you said "Five More Minutes" and then think, oh, I can hear the birds starting to sing, better go to bed!!!

Simple little alarm, default is 5 minutes but it goes up to 999 (just over 16.5 hours), once tripped, it flashes and also sends out a high gate signal which can be wired up to make it audible if desired.

Minutes Display: you can click and drag up or down to set the number of minutes, Minimum is 5 and maximum is 999.

Run: restarts the countdown from the minutes that you set (will also turn off a tripped alarm).
Alarm Off: turns off a tripped alarm. (the alarm is tripped when the countdown gets to zero)
Stop: turns off the countdown (will also turn off a tripped alarm).

Alarm Out: sends out a 5 volt signal for as long as the alarm has been tripped.

Key features of "Five More Minutes":-

  • You might have a large project, you can add several "Five More Minutes" devices to your project however you only need to set one for all them to activate when the alarm is tripped.
  • You can add several "Five More Minutes" to your project and set one or more to different times, when an alarm is tripped all devices flash (and if connected will send out a high gate signal), clicking "Alarm Off" cancels that alarm, if other countdowns are running they will continue and will fire off an alarm when tripped. The "Stop" is per device, if you use "Stop" on a device that does not have a countdown running and an alarm is tripped it will just turn off the alarm on all devices (not the countdowns) so it acts like an "Alarm Off" however if that device did have a countdown running it would have stopped that countdown.

Note: If you "Stop" a countdown there is no way to start it again from that current time, "Run" will restart the countdown from the minutes set. Hitting "Run" while a countdown is running will restart the countdown back at the beginning, it will also cancel any alarms that have been tripped. *If you are using several "Five More Minutes" devices and you wish to have an audible alarm, you only have to wire one up one of the devices, it does not matter which one.

*If you are running Voltage modular as a VST in Reason and you had several sessions open, the device works just as described above, you could add "Five More Minutes" to each VST instance and only set one or more and they will all activate when the Alarm is tripped.

*Once an alarm has been activated, the device that caused the alarm goes into a counter up mode, I found my self, snoozing the alarm and saying to my self lets quickly finish up, that quickly could be a few hours later, the counter up which you can NOT turn off unless you start another countdown was made that way so you could really track how much longer you really were over what you think you were!!

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