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Technical and Demo video https://youtu.be/ZnAuf0xOU4Y?t=132

A control pad that is made up from 65 buttons (including Off) for easy selectability of a preset voltage (either, 1v, 5v, -5 +5v or Note range voltages.).

Off, this turns off all buttons.
Note: Off sets the output port to Zero.

Layout, This is the start of numbering for the button matrix.
Layout "A", The numbering starts in the top left corner and proceeds to the right.
Layout "B", The numbering starts in the top left corner and proceeds down.
Max Buttons, This is the number of buttons there will be setup. Note this is an important number as it's used in the calculation for the output.
The Digital Displays can be changed by hovering you mouse over it, then click and drag to change the value. You can also right click and enter a value in manual and also from the right click there is Midi learn so it can be assigned to a Midi controller.

Output modes:

  • Note, Voltage Modular normal keyboard scaling.
  • 1v, A straight 1 volt range output.
  • 5v, A straight 5 volt range output.
  • -5v +5v, output range between -5 and +5 volts.
  • ϕ Inv Sign, inverts the signal leaving the output port.

Example: Layout = 1, Max buttons = 127, Button 2 select.
(range) output value.
(Note) -2.8333333302362202v
(1v) 0.015748031496062992v
(5v) 0.07874015748031496v
(-+5v) -4.84251968503937v

Note: if you reselect a button that has already been selected, it will be retriggered (the output is dropped for one sample down to a voltage of -0.00000000000001v before going back to voltage of the selected button\output).

Darkmode: double click the Bear but not too hard it might make him grumpy..

Personal reason behind device: I have build a number of devices that have slots (presets) which could be selected via keyboard or a knob or mouse etc., when using a knob or mouse and speed is of essence, it's easy to miss the slot\preset that you are trying to select, so by having buttons that you push gives you speed and accuracy.

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