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Yes you can play a Pong style game in Voltage Module, but it's not about the game, it's all about the sounds you make for the game, from old style to present to future, you are in control.

New to sound design, OK it's easy for me to say making xyz sound is so easy but I really believe by learning and making FX sounds, makes you normal day to day sounds so much better, as you find yourself making modulation for sounds part of the DNA rather than something you add on after the fact.

Volt Ball is available, standalone or part of the PoohBear's Treat Pot, PoohBear's Goodie Bag Bundle or the PoohBear's Goodie Treat Pot bundle which includes both bundles in one excellent price.

So what happens when you get bored of the game, there is the G-spot button :) this is where the fun starts and you can use it as generator for generative pieces.

See ? (which is help) for more details in the module.

Basically wire up a keyboard to control the bat, there a 3 outputs which you can manipulate voltage to do what you want. (the Raditch switch from the Treat Pot bundle works really well doing that).

There are couple of presets here in the VoltBall folder

Build #02-08 Major update to the generative side of voltball

Build #01 Public Release.