PB Auto Sense

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Overview of the PoohBear's Treat Pot bundle. https://youtu.be/Hb-621RaRR4

Technical video https://youtu.be/ZnAuf0xOU4Y

From several inputs the device detects the latest signal change and that is sent to the output jack. As standard when a port has several jacks inputed the signals are summed, this device stops that summing (very handy for multiple pitch and gate inputs, as in the past I had manually switch them if not the pitch is out of tune).

The ports have a priority from top to bottom, so if 2 or more ports change at the same time, the highest physical port that changed will be selected.

Note: the current input port that is being used is highlighted for convenience.


  • Ignore 0: This is for selecting a new active input port, if the signal goes to zero ignore it, if the current active port goes to zero that value is sent out.
  • Out: Turns off the output
  • New: =Drop means when switching input ports (to the new active one) if the current output is the same voltage then DROP the voltage to zero volts for one sample.
  • New: Drop means when switching input ports (to the new active one) then DROP the voltage to zero volts for one sample (Basically always drop to Zero volts on switching, this is really handy for Gated Triggers as a gate could be held high and new trigger comes in, without this option you are switch from a high signal to a high signal which is no change to the receiving device, with this option it's like a new trigger).

Darkmode: double click the Bear but not too hard it might make him grumpy..

Personal reason behind device: I had other devices that I did think about linking together (adding new ports for communication etc), then thought why not have the result coming from those devices going into a switch which will auto select on last change.

Build#5 Added option =Drop and Drop options.

Build#4 Public Release