PB CV Latency Checker

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Test the Latency of a signal chain measured in samples...

There are 2 modes for measuring which cover an open and closed setup:-

For an open setup we can supply the test signal, we send a 5v through the signal chain and back to the Latency Tester.

For a closed system there are 2 ports that are listening all the time (Start via CV or the built in button), that are looking for a signal change. Hit the start, the device goes into a "waiting" mode, at this stage they are looking for a change before the timer is started, once started we move into a Running stage and once the other signal is detected we move into a complete stage and provide the results. In this mode there are 2 options >0 and Any, with >0 we are looking for signal above 0 volts, Any is looking for any signal change, negative or positive.

Darkmode: double click the Bear but not too hard it might make him grumpy..

Personal reason behind device: I made this device when I started programing in VM as latency in this sort program is a must to get a handle on.

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